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Baby Arlo

Arlo. Newcastle Newborn Session.

Introducing Arlo Howard, such a sweet little guy. He came in for his newborn session shortly before two weeks old. Many people are confused or don’t understand why we recommend the first two weeks of life for baby pictures. There are a few reasons. The first being that we want to capture them fresh. We love to see the wrinkles, the hairy shoulders, the flaky skin. We love the soft fingernails, tiny lashes. Each unique little feature of your newborn baby changes quickly. Soon they won’t fit so tiny in your arms. The little peach fuzz on their shoulders, back and cheeks will soon be gone. They won’t be as curly, as sleepy. Their features will change, and they won’t quite look like a newborn anymore.

They are only this fresh, this tiny for such a short time. It is a fleeting moment that we love capturing for parents and families. In this stage they sleep deeply, they love to have their legs curled in to their bodies, just like they had them in the womb. The baby acne hasn’t developed yet. These are the moments that all too often are forgotten. Sleep deprivation takes its toll.

A Newcastle Newborn Session by Hello Charlie Photography.

What happens when I book a portrait session with Loren?

If you’re like most parents, you’ve been planning for this moment for many months -the moment you’ll meet your newborn baby for the first time. You’ve thought about names, nursery décor, who you’ll use for your pediatrician, gathered clothing, diapers and all the important necessities that your little one will need. You’ve prepared the best way you know how.

Capturing your baby’s first portraits is no different. When you book a session with Loren, we want you to have an amazing experience. We want to help tell your story. We want to capture your love and the newness of your most precious gift; your children. To do that takes planning. What do you want to do with your images? How do you want to display them in your home? We have a plan before the session that allows us to capture images that you want to share and be able to see and enjoy daily. Together we will create magical moments and precious memories that you will cherish for years to come.

Once you have booked your newborn baby session, we will meet again for a series of appointments; a pre-consultation, a maternity portrait session (optional), your newborn portrait session, and delivery.

What do I need on the day of my Newborn Portrait Photography session?

Your precious bundle has arrived, you have let Loren know either by email or phone and your session date has been set for around her 8th day of life. Newborn sessions start around 930am daily. You may either feed in baby in studio upon arrival or at home before you coming along, in either case come prepared to feed her at least once more in studio. We have a comfortable feeding area with pillow snacks breast pads foot stools, to make the experience as stress free as possible. Dress for your own comfort and bring along a white long or 3/4 sleeve shirt or strapless top/dress without logo, stripes or patterns or thin straps, to change into for your portrait. Partner and siblings should wear the same. In general, only above the forearms is photographed. The session will last for around 3-4 hours. Family members will be photographed at the end of the session around 1230pm. Siblings should have care arranged for periods either side of this time to allow for mum to relax and concentrate on her new baby. Client parking is directly adjacent the studio entry, for easy access. A private bathroom and dressing area is near to the waiting area, easily accessible throughout the whole session for comfort of our new mums after surgery and trauma. Fully stocked with pads, wipes breast pads for comfort.

Rest assured your baby is safe

Loren is a professional, accredited newborn photographer. Loren is fully vaccinated, holds a current infant first aid certification and working with children check NSW. Loren is a member of the Heartfelt photographers, who photograph newborn babies in NICU and hospitals across Australia. Over 100 newborn photography clients attest to Lorens gentle, patient, kind and compassionate handling of their newborn. The studio is temperature controlled between 25 and 28 degrees for optimal baby comfort.

Delivery of your images

A few weeks after your session, your images will be hand delivered, to your door, both digitally and 5×7 print copy (as per example images below). We are also, hard at work on a new online shop, where you, your family and friends can order prints enlargements and other image products delivered straight to their door from your gallery. It couldn’t be easier, which is exactly what you need to hear with a newborn on the way.

We love creating lasting, treasured memories for families and parents of their baby’s first days of life. Moments and memories that can never be recreated. Let us capture your baby for you. You’ll never regret having gorgeous images of your new little one.

If you’d like to find out more about our Newcastle newborn photography sessions, please get in touch via our enquiries page. I’d love to chat about photographing your pregnancy or newborn.

Remember most of the babies we photograph are between 7 – 14 days of age. Therefore, It is best to book in while you are still expecting and pre-booking ensures your newborn photography session.

See more of our newborn photography work here.

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